Bethesda Bio’Solution is a revolutionary point-and-spray liquid solution
for convenient waste management and for productive agriculture.

Plus it removes foul odors in seconds.

Easily convert waste into soil…

high grade soil.

Wastewater Treatment

  • Degradation of greases, fats and oil

  • Degradation of detergent in industrial effluent and minicipal sewage

  • Degradation of cellulose matter such as the effluent of paper factory

  • Rapid flocculation

  • Effectively reduces BOD and COD in wastewater

  • Keeps drain lines flowing smoothly; reduces the amount of pumping

  • Reduces offensive odours

  • Suppresses green algae

  • Increases population of zoo plankton

  • Restores damaged aquatic life

  • Evironmentally healthy

Solid Waste Management

  • Removes foul odor

  • Decreases the fly population

  • Protects the environment and health of workers

  • Converts organic wastes into organic fertilizer

Pass government health inspections with ease…

Landfill Conversion

With Bio’Solution Microbial Inoculation Technology (BSMIT), large volume
of bio’degradable garbage and/or agricultural waste masterials can be processed
and converted into a high quality compost or soil enhancer in a short period
of time and at a very low cost; and free us from the bondage of chemicals.
Bio’Solution Microbial Inoculation Technology (BSMIT) solid waste recycling and wastewater treatment technology is a new approach to solid waste disposal by using BBS (efficient microbes) to process solid waste by fermentation and decomposition without the offensive odor. Applied to the system almost all the pollutant, waste and refuse we find so distasteful and troublesome, turning them back into an unpolluted state, thereby rendering them materials with the potential to be recycled simply because the effective microorganism that constitute BBS basically thrive in a polluted environment.

Landfill / dump site can be converted
to organic fertilizer plant & organic farm…

Hogs love it,

it’s rejuvenating…


  • BBS products contains ANTI-OXIDANTS that eradicate the toxins produced by harmful micro-organisms.
  • BBS improves the digestive, assimilation and feed conversion capacity of animals thus maximiming the utilization of feed nutrients.
  • Reduces brooding and growing mortality in broilers and increases egg production, improves egg and shell quality in layers.
  • In cattle, BBS increases milk production in milking cows, ensures faster weight.
  • Better meat quality, also prevents occurence of mastitis and bovine rheumatism (pneumonia).
  • In hogs, BBS prevents mastitis in lactating wos thus higher litter survival rate due to increased milk production.
  • Reduces the use of antibiotics thus making the operation cheaper and chemical free.
  • Eliminates foul odor and flies in the farms thus making the whole operation environment friendly and healthy.
  • Ensures stress free animals.

The swimming pools are so safe and healthy,

even swans can swim on it!


  • Promotes germination, flowering, fruiting and ripening in plants
  • Improves physical, chemical and biological environments of the soil
  • Suppresses soil born pathogens and pests
  • Enhances the photosynthetic capacity of crops
  • Ensures better germination and plant establishment
  • Increases the efficacy of organic matter as fertilizers

2 kg Organic Chicken

+ Free Roaming

No Problem


  • BBS reduces the capital outlay by 50%
  • Facilitates the culture of prawns without chemicals
  • Reduces the quantity of sludge produces
The prawns are disease-free and this saves costs of antibiotics. The water is clean
and hence does not require repeated changing. BBS helps in suppressing algal colonies
from bodies of fish/prawns, thus giving a path for better growth.

Home Applications

  • Kitchen and Bathroom Sanitation (+ Odor Removal)
  • Hassle-Free Biodegradable / Compost Bins Maintenance
  • Home Gardening
  • As a chaser for alcoholic drinks (to avoid headaches)
  • and future applications…

Dosage Guide

Treatment of Septic Tank

Seed Bio’Solutions at the rate of; 1-2 liter of BBS per 1,000 liters leachate weekly for the first month and bi-weekly for the following months.

Deodorization of Landfills

Spray BBS at the following rates and schedules:

a) Dilution Rate
1 liter of BBS per 50 to 100 liters of water

b) Rate of Spray
1 to 2 liters of the diluted solution per cubic meter of waste

c) Frequency of Spray
Daily; Garbage should be sprayed as soon as dumped

Livestock - Piggery and Poulty

As Drinking Water – Mix 1/2 liter of BBS to 400 gallons of water. Use daily.

As Feeds Additive – Mix 1/2 liter of BBS to 400 gallons of water. Spray to moisten feeds, use daily.

As Deodorizer – Mix 1 liter of BBS to 100 gallons of water. Spray or sprinkle over manure, canals, floors and ceilings. Apply 2-3 times a week.

Agricultural Farms

Dilute 1 liter of BBS to 100-200 liters of water per hectare during land preparation and/or spray on crops, fruits, trees, vegetable garden, etc.

Apply 9-10 liter of BBS concentrate per hectare to rice/paddy fields. Soak rice seeds overnight in diluted BBS, 1:1,000 plant.

Deodorization of Public Markets

Spray BBS at the market walls, floors, canals and tables at the following rates and schedules:

a) Dilution Rate
1 liter of BBS per 50 liters of water

b) Rate of Spray
1 liter of diluted BBS per square meter

c) Frequency of Spray
Daily; preferable at night after vendors retire

BBS spraying must be done after cleaning or flushing with water. Dilution of BBS may gradually be changed from 1:50 to a 1:100 ratio.


Apply 5-10 liters of BBS concentrate per hectare. Split application during introduction of water and fish culture stage to encourage growth of plankton and improve water quality.